25 Mantras to Help You Build Confidence

What is the best way to tap into your self-confidence? Many people use a mantra to remind themselves of who they are and what they can do is a simple way to access that energy and positivity.

Mantras are simple phrases that remind yourself of who you are or hope to be. These words are like seeds that get planted in a garden, ready to blossom and grow when the time is right.

If you want to start building confidence in your life, these mantras can be the seeds that you plant today.

Best Mantras for Self-Confidence

  1. I am enough. I have enough. I do enough each day.
  2. I know the things that I can change and accept what I cannot.
  3. My weaknesses are only one part of who I am. My strengths are the other.
  4. Each success is one step forward to my goal.
  5. Small steps are caused by confidence. I will keep moving.
  6. I believe in myself.
  7. I will listen to my inner voice, and it will listen to me.
  8. Life is a miracle that I will embrace today. I am on my way.
  9. Failure is an opportunity to learn instead of a chance to give up.
  10. I value myself.
  11. My mind, my spirit, and my body are my greatest attributes.
  12. I will not let myself fall into the traps of low self-esteem.
  13. I love myself. I appreciate who I am.
  14. The bumps I encounter in life’s road help me drive in the right direction.
  15. Tears lead to strength. Pain leads to power. Learning leads to resistance.
  16. I can do hard things when they intersect my path.
  17. The worst day is still only 24 hours in duration. I will explore a new tomorrow.
  18. I am worth the effort. I am valuable beyond measure.
  19. There is nothing that I can’t do when I set my mind to a task.
  20. I choose to think positive thoughts today.
  21. No one controls my actions except for me. 
  22. I am powerful.
  23. I will achieve greatness today.
  24. Today will be better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be better than today.
  25. I will love my neighbor as myself. 

Make sure to follow these mantras when you are starting to feel insecure or are unsure of yourself.