5 Common Misconceptions About Meditation for Beginners

Meditation is a practical way to reduce stress. It can also help provide focus, concentration, and energy benefits.

The only problem with meditating is that many beginners find that the effort doesn’t seem to work for them. That outcome causes them to quit.

It is essential to know that several misconceptions exist about meditation. If you believe any of them, you’re more likely to avoid this healthy practice.

1. Meditation is misinterpreted.

We use meditation as a loose term to describe contemplation, thinking, or having a clear mind. If you attempt to achieve these outcomes and fail, it’s easy to give up. Meditating is a technique the provides rest, allowing you to observe instead of judge. You keep redirecting yourself.

2. People must meditate in specific ways.

You don’t need to repeat mantras, sit in the lotus position, or create a contemplation center for your meditating. The only requirement is your commitment to the process. You can sit, stand, lie down, take a walk, or even color pictures.

3. Individuals miss their meditative state.

You can meditate anywhere. Some people even say they take mini-meditation breaks when stuck in traffic! The goal is to relax the body while quieting the mind. Whenever you can achieve that result, you have a successful experience.

4. One meditating type isn’t better than others.

The only meditation effort that is better is the one that works for you. This practice is an individualized experience. We live in a competitive culture where everyone wants to find that edge where success is possible. What you need to do is figure out why you want to meditate, how to achieve that goal, and how long it takes to get there.

5. You miss the chance to feel at peace.

Meditation isn’t going to feel the same each day. You might feel energized after one session, relief after another, and even disappointed at times. Some individuals feel at peace while others become anxious that they’ve missed something. There isn’t a right or wrong outcome here – only the one you achieve.

The best thing you can do for your body while embracing meditation is to prepare for the experience. When you have items from Amazing Grass and Douglas Labs available at home, you can get ready for whatever your next meditating session may bring.