5 Herbs That Support Focus During Meditation

Do you have trouble finding a comfortable spot for your meditation sessions? If so, you’re not alone.

Environmental factors, physical discomfort, and boredom are the three common reasons why people give up on meditation.

When you’re ready to find your focus, several herbs support your meditation efforts by helping you achieve the correct mindset. Whether you choose products from Organifi, Diamond Formulations, or something from your garden, these plants are the ones to add to your routine.

List of the Best Herbs to Support Focus and Concentration

1. Ginseng

This herb contains several compounds that enhance your energy and performance. It offers anti-fatigue properties that work to boost mental awareness.

2. Sage

When this herb gets used as a supplement, it can improve attention and alertness. Some people notice increases in cognitive function when taking it regularly.

3. Guarana

You can find this herb in energy drinks because it overs a stimulating effect. Although studies offer somewhat mixed results, a dose of up to 300mg could help to boost alertness and attention. 

4. Peppermint

The pleasant odor of this essential oil can boost your mood and energy levels. It also reduces fatigue while improving your overall memory. 

5. Rosemary

Using this essential oil improves a person’s abilities when performing cognitive tasks. The improvements work with accuracy and speed. You can also use the fresh herb to produce similar results when included in the environment.

Meditation can be a struggle at first, but it always gets a little easier.