5 Nutrients That Aid Mental Health

We’ve all heard that we are what we eat. There’s more truth in that statement than some people might realize.

It’s much easier to support your daily living activities when you can get the nutrients you need from your food. Without them, there might not be enough energy to get through your day.

If you cannot get those nutrients from food for any reason, supplements and vitamins can replace what you’re missing. One of the best options in that situation is Source Naturals, because you’ll also receive mood stabilization benefits.

What Are the Best Nutrients for Mental Health Support?

1. Omega-3

Polyunsaturated fats maintain neuronal structure and functionality. Taking it as a supplement may help with bipolar depression, PTSD, and similar conditions. 

2. B Vitamins

These vitamins deliver a wide range of metabolic processes and cellular needs. You get more energy when taking them, but items like folate also help those with mental health needs when antidepressants didn’t work as expected. 

3. Amino Acids

These building blocks create proteins that form brain chemicals and circuits. Some of them serve as precursors to your mood-modulating chemicals. 

4. Zinc

As an abundant trace element, this nutrient works with several brain chemistry reactions. It’s an essential component for immune functionality and strength. Emerging evidence suggests it can work to improve depressed moods.

5. Vitamin D

This fat-soluble nutrient helps with bone and brain development. When low levels of this vitamin are present during pregnancy, a higher risk of schizophrenia development occurs. Deficiencies are also linked to depressive symptoms. 

Including more of these options today could improve your mental health and help your tomorrows feel better!