5 Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is a spiritual practice that is thousands of years old. When you refrain from eating or drinking anything as a worshipful act, the result can be a decisive moment for the soul.

The act of fasting is not limited to any religion or practice. People from all walks of life can appreciate the spiritual benefits of worshipping this way. This is a simple and life affirming act you can do this spring.

Your health must be a priority before starting a period of fasting. Consider supplementing your regular eating habits with products from Bioclinic Naturals, Terry Naturally, or Vital Nutrients to ensure your physical state supports your spiritual one.

List of the Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

1. Fasting Creates a New Desire

When you acknowledge your faith through fasting, it is a moment of acknowledgment that the spiritual nature is essential to life. The human soul longs for something nourishing beyond food and water. What you believe creates a closer connection to the world and others with a new desire to explore.

2. It Provides Satisfaction

Fasting is part of modern dieting because it works to detox the body. You feel renewed and full of energy! This outcome is particularly satisfying because it gives the mind more sensitivity to your spiritual voice. Even if this practice causes you to feel hungry, what you gain from the effort is an investment worth making.

3. Fasting Encourages Empathy

One of the Christian traditions of faith involves the fruits of the Spirit. These traits are part of an empathy-generated response to the people around you. When you take a moment to understand how others think and feel, it gives the soul more knowledge to change and adapt to make the world a better place for everyone.

4. It Opens the Door to Forgiveness

We are all called to forgiveness in every spiritual walk because social connections are healthy for the soul. That doesn’t mean you should forget what others may do or open the door to getting hurt again. The act of forgiving is an opportunity for you to move forward with the rest of your life. Fasting helps to provide insights that may get missed in the struggle to find something to eat or drink.

5. Fasting Can Add Power to Your Prayer or Action

When someone buys a house, they put some earnest money down to show a seller they are serious about the transaction. Fasting offers a similar outcome. Some spiritual breakthroughs can only happen when one is willing to take the first step forward.

Fasting is not right for everyone. If you have never approached spirituality in this way before, it helps to speak with a medical provider to discuss your health.