6 Books on How to Control Your Emotions

When you can be in control of your emotions, it is much easier to make rational choices. As your emotional state rises, the judgment centers of the brain have less influence over those processes.

If you’re unsure where to start when working on this personal issue, these books can discuss the various tools you’ll need to reach your goals

Best Books to Read About Controlling Emotions

1. Wired to Care

This book looks at how companies can prosper when they can tap into the powers that we all have already. When empathy is the primary ingredient of each interaction, we can start connecting better with others. We can’t please everyone, but we can care more.

2. Primal Leadership

This classic book on EI is a must-read for many businesses. It affirms that the skill of controlling emotional responses is a needed skill for leaders in the modern workplace environment.

3. The Leader as a Mensch

With this book, you’ll see how different emotional intelligence qualities connect with leadership strategies. The author uses more than 25 years of practical experience to take an inspirational look at the guidelines you’ll need to follow to have a successful venture.

4. A Whole New Mind

The author outlines six fundamental abilities that are necessary for professional success. This book also shows you how those traits translate to personal fulfillment. You’ll receive information about how to master them in your life.

5. Thinking Fast and Slow

Why do you make the same choices each day? What causes you to think in the ways that you do? This compelling book comes from a Nobel Prize winner in economics to show how people use emotions to think and make better choices.

6. Working with Emotional Intelligence

The author uses case histories to prove his point that the most productive people are those that learn how to control their emotions. His experience has led to the turnaround of more than 500 companies globally.

When you learn how to be in control, it is much easier to reach your goals. These books can help to make those results happen.