A Family Strengths List Can Build Stronger Relationships

Families are an essential component of human development. The environments that our parents, grandparents, and siblings create work to develop our character and competence. These structures play a significant role in how children perform in school, how they work as adults, and what the overall contribution of each individual is to society.

Even though the modern family faces more stress and trouble than arguably at any other time in history, there are ways to keep this unit healthy.

If you build a family strengths list that focuses on nine specific traits to have at home, then you can dramatically reduce the risk of experiencing future problems.

The Nine Traits that Strong Families Share

1. Caring and Appreciation

Families that appreciate successful outcomes and provide caring structures support stronger relationships. Saying “thank you” when chores get done can help to establish this trait.

2. Spending Time Together

Some people need to have time alone, but it is also important to have everyone spend time together. Meeting each night at the dinner table for a meal is an easy way to promote this habit.

3. Encouragement

Instead of tearing others down, look for ways to build each other up. One of the best ways to encourage someone is to help them through a difficult task.

4. Commitment

Instead of giving up on the family relationship, look for ways to improve it. Some couples end up being incompatible for a variety of reasons. That doesn’t mean the family disappears. It just changes its structure.

5. Communication

No one can read minds. If you’re upset, then have an open and honest conversation about why you feel that way. 

6. Coping Skills

Difficult emotions can be challenging to manage in family environments. When you can implement coping skills together, then it is possible to create new learning situations.

7. Spirituality

Spirituality doesn’t need to be religious to be useful. You can add meditation, a walk in the woods, or a deeper appreciation of science in this category to promote more strength.

8. Community and Family Ties

No one can possibly know everything. Making connections in your community can build a resource network that can get you through some tough times.

9. Clear Roles

Eliminating confusion within the family about each person’s responsibilities can eliminate a lot of conflicts.

Families come in many different shapes and sizes. All of them can be supportive and healthy when this list is the foundation from which everyone works.