Activities that Lonely People Can Participate in to Make Friends Quickly

Families had the benefit of being with each other during the coronavirus lockdowns and COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. Singles got the short end of that stick.

Being stuck in an apartment, condo, or house alone was a devastating experience for many. Although tools like Zoom and video chats were helpful, it isn’t the same as having a direct connection with others.

When you start to feel lonely, these creative activities can help you begin to feel better.

1. Have a Solo Date Night

Treat yourself to something you love. When you’re flying solo, all of the questions about where to go or what to do disappear. You’re in control of the entire experience, even if that means having a steak while watching your favorite movie at home.

2. Separate the Isolation

Isolation is the issue that many people faced (and some still are) because of COVID-19. Loneliness is an emotion that gets triggered by feeling sad or worthless because of that separation. It is okay to acknowledge how you feel without overreacting.

3. Find a Meetup

Wearing a mask and social distancing might not be the most fun, but it could be a step toward getting you out of the house. Resources like MeetUp let you find people in your city that could become your next friends.

4. Volunteer in Your Community

You could coach youth sports, join a Scout pack, or work with homeless veterans. Some people read books to kids at the local children’s hospital. If you start looking, you’ll discover several ways to begin giving back to your community. As you meet more people, the connections start growing.

5. Adopt a Pet

If you really can’t go anywhere, the unconditional love from a pet can be a healthy boost for your mood. When you rent, the options might be closer to a goldfish than a puppy, but you can still find positive steps forward.

6. Read a Book

When you read something interesting, your mind transports you to that imaginary world. It might not solve your loneliness, but it can get rid of it for a little while.

What steps do you take when you start feeling lonely?