Alternatives to Yoga That Are Great for Your Body

You want to take care of your body.

You get some exercise each day, eat healthy foods, and get enough sleep at night. Your cabinets are stocked with products from brands like Douglas Laboratories, Jarrow Formulas, and Pure Encapsulations.

You might even get in some stretching and resistance with yoga.

If you want to increase your movement without using yoga, here are some alternatives to consider trying. 

1. Climbing

Scaling a wall requires concentration on each muscle as you ascend. It targets each body area in the same way yoga does while letting you adapt to different circumstances. When you reach the top of the wall, you know that you’ve accomplished something incredible.

2. Parkour

If you don’t have the money for a gym membership, find outdoor elements to become your workout area. The art of parkour involves jumping, rolling, swinging, and running as you navigate an urban landscape. You’re always looking for a dynamic way to push your body to new limits.

3. Trapeze

As you go through a yoga routine, your body develops more strength and flexibility. The same dichotomy occurs with this art when using ropes, ribbon, silks, and swings to create beautiful movements in the air. The motion can free your mind, whether you work individually or with a partner.

4. Taekwondo

Numerous martial arts have belief structures that provide a similar foundation when compared to yoga. When you join a dojang, you’ll work on stretching your muscle groups while learning self-defense techniques. You don’t need to earn a black belt to appreciate what this discipline can do for your strength and flexibility.

5. Ballet

Although we often think of ballet as a profession, it is also an accessible exercise format. Adult classes are becoming more available globally, helping you to embrace the concepts and structures without the pressure to perform.

What activities do you plan to try this year to get your body into shape?