Best Wellness Practices to Undo Holiday Stress

When life gets busy, our wellness practices can take a hit. We compromise on the things we know we should do because the achievable outcomes feel worthwhile.

The truth about stress is that it won’t go away by itself. You need coping mechanisms to get the results you want.

When the holidays come around, it becomes even more critical to handle stressful situations immediately. If these wellness practices are in your toolbox, you’ll be more likely to have a successful outcome

List of the Best Wellness Practices to Adopt Today

  1. Call for your annual check-up a couple of months before it is due. Once your schedule starts getting busy, it can feel like a runaway train.
  2. Block out some time on your calendar for fun assignments. It might be a chance to coach soccer, play dodgeball, or work toward a professional degree or certificate you’ve wanted to obtain.
  3. Have healthy snacks available to eat at your desk or office. The best choices are items you’ll eat when feeling hungry without binging on empty sugar calories.
  4. Create a plan for your hydration. Most people don’t get enough to drink each day, and caffeine infusions to compensate for fatigue might worsen the problem. If you bring a reusable water bottle with you each day, it’ll be easier to meet your needs.
  5. Avoid the trap of a high-calorie lunch by bringing something from home.
  6. Have a three-day weekend at least once every quarter to give yourself something to look forward to on your calendar. If the only thing on your schedule is work or rest, you’ll reach a burn out stage faster than you might expect.
  7. Have five go-to recipes that you can make at home after work. If it is easy to make and has healthy ingredients, you’ll save money and reduce your calories compared to eating out more often.
  8. Take your time back by staying accountable to your schedule. If you create a standing appointment for therapy sessions, time at the gym, martial arts classes, or afternoons with your family, you’ll have more moments to enjoy.

Wellness happens when you make bold choices to include ideas like these in your life. How could you restructure your schedule to be more inclusive of what you love to do?