Can People’s Habits Change?

Humans are routine-orientated creatures. When something unexpected happens, it feels like the entire world has begun to unravel.

Everyone experiences this issue at some point in their life. We develop habits and behaviors that stay with us for a lifetime. When these behaviors are healthy, then it is helpful to have them. 

Unfortunately, some of the choices that we turn into habits can be destructive.

People can change their habits. When someone stops smoking, starts exercising, or adopts better eating choices, then you see evidence of this fact. The issue is that it is somewhat difficult for anyone, at any age, to change their routines. 

What Habits Can People Change?

Our most uncomplicated routines are the easiest ones to change first. This fact exists because these are the activities in life that mean the least to us.

Anything can fit into this category. You might choose to take vitamins in the morning, go for a walk more during the week, or read at least one book per month. The key to making these changes isn’t to swap one activity for another. You must challenge yourself every day to do something new or different.

It is an unrealistic expectation to ask someone to change all of their habits or routines. Even if those alterations would keep them healthier in the long run, humans need to have a certain level of comfort to pursue their life goals.

That’s why the first step to create change is to find the circumstances that we care the least about in life.

Does it Get Harder to Change Routines as We Age?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”

It is an expression that says as people get older, it becomes more of a challenge to create new routines. There is some truth to this sentiment since we are familiar and comfortable with our lives as we get older. That means our thoughts, feelings, and choices all fit into a manageable box.

Making changes to those circumstances can mean something unpredictable starts to happen.

This issue doesn’t happen to only people who reach a certain age. Anyone can become comfortable and set in their ways. Asking someone to give that up for what is unfamiliar is scary, and humans do an excellent job of avoiding any situations that involve anxiety or confrontation.

Can people change their habits? Yes. It takes a serious effort and a time commitment to generate positive results, but it is something that can happen. If you are struggling to make a necessary change, consider how counseling can help with how you approach life.