Going to Concerts for Live Music: Is it Safe Yet

With almost a quarter of the population in the US fully vaccinated, things are rapidly looking up. According to estimates, things should be back to normal by the middle or end of 2022. What does this mean for concerts and live music? Well, the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) recently said that fully vaccinated people could go outside without masks and can go into certain locations without a mask. This should apply to live concerts; however, there are still precautions to be taken when going to a concert. 

Many artists have begun announcing tour dates in light of the restrictions being lifted. Some of these artists are Justin Bieber, Coldplay, and Maroon 5. However, some of these artists will not be going on tour until 2022. Some smaller artists will have summer concerts. The question here is, is it safe? No, however, there is a lower risk if you’re fully vaccinated. If you’re not? Here’s how to ensure you’re safe.

Before we begin, it is important to mention an alternative; online concerts. There are many artists currently on tour online. Coldplay is currently touring via live streams. If you are not vaccinated and live high-risk people, you should consider opting for an online concert. If you don’t want to attend an online concert, you can placate yourself with a vinyl subscription with Magnolia Record Club and enjoy vinyl from your favorite indie, rock, and punk artists. This is an affordable vinyl subscription service.

How to Stay Safe in Live Concerts

Do your Research

Before purchasing any concert tickets, ensure the following. These help you know how safe the venue and concert will be.

  • Once you find out the venues for concerts, you should opt for concerts with large venues in opposition to concerts with smaller venues if you’re not vaccinated. Smaller venues tend to be packed, and it can be hard to properly socially distance yourself from others.
  • The venue should be either outside or well ventilated. This is extremely important because of how the virus spreads. High ceilings, fans, air cleaners, and filters are signs of a well-ventilated area.
  • You also need to check if the seating is socially distanced. Seating in concerts needs to be socially distanced before they are allowed to hold. However,  it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Whether the use of masks is mandatory, masks are still mandatory for people who haven’t been vaccinated. It is important that the concert follows the CDC guidelines for events and gatherings.
  • Last but certainly not least, there should be hand washing and sanitizing stations available at the entrance.

For Long Distance Movie Goers

  1. Due to the guidelines, some artists will choose to play in one central location multiple times. When this happens, people may have to travel long distances to the concert. If you’ll be traveling, here are some precautions unvaccinated people should take.
  • Before attending the concert, you should get tested for the virus. Your test should not be more than three days old. If you’re able to get a same-day test, get one.
  • If you are using public transportation, you should wear a mask at all times. If you’re driving, wear a mask whenever you stop at a public location. For example, restaurants or gas stops.
  • Try to maintain the recommended six feet distance between you and the next person.
  • Sanitize and wash your hands whenever you have to make a stop.
  • When you return, isolate yourself for a week as quarantine prevention just to be safe.
  • It is important to also take your state or city’s guidelines on the virus into consideration.