How Do Anxiety Bracelets Work?

With the higher stress levels we all face after a year of COVID, almost anything that can provide a little relief feels like a great idea to try. People of all ages are facing higher levels of depression and anxiety because of the ongoing coronavirus issue.

Even if you don’t have an official diagnosed mental health disorder, the strain of being lonely, disconnected, and anxious about life can have a detrimental effect.

Anxiety bracelets are one way to find some relief from those bothersome emotions potentially.

Anxiety Bracelets Hit Specific Meridian Points

Most anxiety bracelets have designs rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. They target specific acupressure points that provide health outcomes.

The typical anxiety bracelet design works with the P6, P7, and H7 meridian points.

With the P6, people feel fewer issues with motion sickness, upset stomach, and nausea. When the P7 receives pressure, you can feel fewer stress-related symptoms and get some extra sleep.

If pressure gets applied to the H7 meridian point, people can receive help with their emotional issues.

All of these acupressure points are located underneath the wrist where your hand meets your arm. When you wear an anxiety bracelet, stimulating these specific areas can provide a sense of immediate calm.

Is It Helpful to Wear an Anxiety Bracelet?

For some people, an anxiety bracelet might provide symptom relief because of the placebo effect. Since they expect to feel better, slipping on this jewelry feels like a helpful solution.

It can also help people to self-adjust when they feel pressure on their meridian points. If it shifts your mindset away from the stress and anxiety you feel, it is doing its job.

Does the acupressure help? That answer is more challenging to find. Individual results may vary, so it is up to you to determine if it could be helpful. Also consider art and meditation as an option.