How Following a Morning Ritual Can Change Your Life

Life gets better when routines are available to follow. Establishing a morning ritual is a critical way for you to change your life because it ensures that you get started with your best foot forward.

Do you want to establish a morning ritual? Try following this six-step plan to see if it can begin to create the positive changes you want to see.

1. Get Out of Bed

Getting out of bed is the most significant challenge that everyone faces at the start of the day. It doesn’t take much convincing to conclude that you could use some extra sleep. Get up and leave the bedroom immediately.

2. Grab Some Water

Your body is likely dehydrated when you wake up. Getting about 12 ounces of water into your digestive system can help your metabolism to start revving up for the day. It also helps to plan for about 15 minutes in the bathroom as the physical processes start moving.

3. Meditate in the Morning

Reserve about 20 minutes for meditation each morning so that your mind can prepare for the day ahead. When you have a plan in place to manage potential stress triggers, it is easier to dig into your resiliency reserves to handle the situation. 

4. Establish a Daily Journal

Take some time to write down a few thoughts about what you hope to accomplish during the day. It helps to discuss a few things that inspire gratefulness in your life or come up with a new positive affirmation to use. This step lets your mind prepare for the most important tasks that you want to complete as the hours pass. A great idea is to listen to a positive-thinking podcast, then write down what you learned!

5. Get Some Exercise

Your body needs at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise to stay healthy. That means you need to get about 30 minutes in, five days per week, to reach that expectation. Taking a brisk walk around your neighborhood can help the blood to start pumping so that you feel energized and refreshed.

6. Slip Into Your Day

Prepare for the first hour of your workday by planning out the specific steps you must follow. It works best when you avoid time-consuming tasks like checking email or voicemail until you have a break in the day. When you can accomplish something right away, the energy of that outcome can take you through everything else.

This morning ritual could change your life. Are you going to try it tomorrow?