How to Become a Better People Person

Knowing how to become a better people person can unlock doors for networking and career opportunities. The skill of establishing relationships creates more social connections that can lead to a better life.

These tips can help you to become comfortable with the process of becoming a better people person, even if you tend to have an introverted personality.

Best Ways to Become a People Person

1. Begin The Process by Focusing on You

The issue that most individuals face when wanting to know how to become a better people person involves empathy. It is not unusual to confuse it with sympathy. When you empathize with another person’s perspective, then you attempt to see things from their point of view without judgment.

2. Avoid Automatic Responses.

If someone asks, “How are you doing today?” The response that you give is probably, “Fine, and you?” Our automatic responses are societal programs that we use as defensive mechanisms. Becoming a better people person means that these interactions must become personal.

3. Ask More Questions Instead of Giving Orders

The best way to get a conversation going is to have someone start talking about themselves. You’re not going to get that result by telling everyone your life story! A fast way to be seen as a better people person is to ask questions about something you find interesting about the other individual. Then you need to actively listen to the response to establish a relationship at that moment.

4. Take The Time to Embrace Quietness

Most people avoid conversations because they see that the other person is trying to formulate a response. How can you be listening to someone if you’re already thinking about a retort? When you can take the time to embrace quietness, then a moment of mindfulness can lead to more opportunities to meet new people and maintain those relationships.

5. Understand What Your Tone of Voice Conveys

The way that you express yourself to others is arguably more important than the words you say. Even your body language conveys a message that you might not intend to offer. Knowing how to become a better people person means being in control of these communication tools so that your message has consistency.

When you focus on the needs of someone else over yourself, then you become a better people person. Along these lines you will also experience some degree of self-realization and discover things about yourself you never realized. Implement these ideas today to see if they can help you!