How to Build Up Low Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is more than a trend or a buzzword. It allows you to understand how others think and feel so that you can respond appropriately to each situation.

Although some people have high emotional intelligence levels naturally, it is a skill that you can build with practice. If you want to start improving personally and professionally in this area, here are the steps you can take to have a successful experience.

List of the Best Ways to Increase Emotional Intelligence

Respond to Conflict Instead of Reacting to It

People with high emotional intelligence stay calm when stressful situations occur. Instead of being impulsive, they take an analytical approach to the problem. Their goal is to find a resolution that works for everyone while avoiding potential conflict points.

Be Assertive With Your Communication

Assertive communication translates to confidence. You’ll earn respect for your expertise without seeming overly passive or aggressive.

Maintain Your Motivation

Emotional intelligence inspires self-motivation. Your attitude can motivate others to find the success they want. If you show what it takes to persevere, those actions serve as a standard for others to follow. That places you into a natural leadership position.

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Keep a Positive Outlook

Although negative attitudes seem beneficial because of how they attract others to you, that energy can infect your soul and fester into something unpredictable. When your focus is on growing emotional intelligence, it is necessary to guard your attitude. You don’t need to be an optimist, but it helps to strive toward positive outcomes.

Practice Your Self-Awareness

When you know who you are, what you can accomplish, and where you’ll be in five years, it is easier to pick up on like-minded progress. Your body language and emotions communicate specific results that can enhance communication skills.

Embrace the Idea of Constructive Criticism

People with high emotional intelligence can handle constructive criticism. They take the feedback as fuel to help them get better. They also know how to let go of the frustration that arises when unjustified negativity comes their way.

Building up low emotional intelligence takes time. If you make these ideas a priority in your life, you’ll start seeing improvements faster than you may realize.