How to Get Rid of Bad Thoughts

Negative thoughts can be enormously destructive. These ideas could cause you to spiral toward depression, adversely impact your self-esteem, and make you believe that you’re worthless.

Although some people think you can wish bad thoughts away, it isn’t always that easy to do. It would help if you built a strong foundation to use to transition from negative to positive ideas.

Changing your mood through brands like Thorne Research and NuMedica can begin that journey. Once you start moving, it may be beneficial to include these additional ideas to cleanse your mind from those unwanted thoughts.

1. Alter Your Body Language

Do you stand with a closed posture? When you sit, does your back start aching because you remain hunched? These elements of body language contribute to a sour mood and bad thoughts. If you can open yourself up more, offer a smile, and remain consistent, those negative ideas will start fading away.

2. Talk About It

Bad thoughts develop when you’re unsure of how to proceed with a specific event. When you can talk with someone you trust, putting the ideas into words can make it easier to process that information. It makes those concepts visible, which creates more opportunities to use coping skills.

3. Empty Your Mind

Racing thoughts can generate a plethora of bad ideas extremely fast. If you can achieve even 60 seconds of calm, the emptiness your mind experiences is like pushing the reset button on a computer. Try to focus on a single element in your environment while taking deep breaths. Even if you need to count each second, your brain won’t be preoccupied on the bad stuff.

4. Embrace Creativity

It helps to find creative outlets for your negative energy. You could paint something, draw, write something down, play an instrument, or carve a sculpture! Whatever it is that you do to find peace should be a point of emphasis during this time.

5. Take a Walk

If nothing seems to transition your brain away from its bad thoughts, try to get some exercise. Spending about 30 minutes outside on a walk can alter your perspective. Consider taking time to explore a local nature trail, forest, or arboretum for the maximum benefit.

Bad thoughts don’t need to be the ruler of your life. With these interventions, you can take back control.