How to Learn to Be More Patient with Yourself

What’s your first reaction when a mistake happens?

If you’re like most people, the initial reaction involves negative self-talk. “Nice job, Stupid!” or some variation of that phrase gets muttered as the brain processes ways to rectify the situation.

Negative self-talk is a symptom of impatience. When you see mistakes as a failure instead of learning opportunities, it sets the stage for anxiety, fear, and depression-like symptoms to appear.

When you can learn how to be more patient with yourself, you’ll discover it is much easier to stay in control.

How to Develop More Patience This Year

1. Make yourself wait.

The best way to develop the skill of patience is to practice it. When we wait for what we want, it makes us physically and emotionally happier. Products from Pure Encapsulations and Herb Pharm can help during those stressful first attempts.

2. Avoid unimportant things.

The best way to remove stress from your life is to stop doing things that lack importance. Look at your schedule for the week and take out things that take time, but aren’t that important. When you learn to say no, it’ll help you embrace patience.

3. Be mindful of your triggers.

The average person has several tasks in their head. They jump from each thought without taking the time to finish any of them. Instead of accepting interruptions, look for ways to maintain your focus.

4. Take a few deep breaths.

When stressful situations threaten to overwhelm you, take a few deep breaths to start calming down. It only takes a few minutes to push the reset button on your emotional state with this option. If it isn’t helping, try getting some exercise to clear your head.

It takes time to learn to be patient with yourself. When you persevere with this process, you’ll discover that you can accomplish almost anything.