How to Remove Clutter from Life

If you want to remove clutter from your life, then here are some meaningful steps that you can take right now to streamline your life.

Clean Up Your Desk

Your desk is the epicenter of life at work or home. If it is filled with junk mail, magazines, outdated paperwork, and trash, then you will experience higher levels of stress. Even if you can only take a couple of minutes to do some organizing, corralling your paper clips and pens into a container can be enormously helpful.

Be Honest About Your Closet

Is it true that fashion is cyclical? Absolutely.

Should you be keeping something in your closet that has a thick layer of dust on it because you haven’t worn it in three years? Absolutely not.

Cleaning out your closet works well when you use the six month rule. If you haven’t worn something at least once in that time, then you can get rid of it.

Stop Using a Junk Drawer

The junk drawer might be the scariest spot in the house. It’s your go-to place to put everything, but it also tends to fill up with a lot of useless stuff. Get rid of anything that’s expired, broken, mismatched, leaking, or smells bad.

If you have duplicates of items in your house, then a donation to the local thrift shop can be useful. Do you need to have six-can openers in the house?

Get Your File Cabinet Sorted Out

Don’t use the excuse that you’re a “piles” person. Loose paperwork is an indication of disorganization. If you have files that are still active, then sort them into the appropriate files. Archive anything that you need to save. Anything that falls outside of these two categories should get shredded or recycled.

Remove the Clutter in Your Home 

The easiest way to determine what clutter you have in your home is to look at what contributes value to each room. Anything that doesn’t belong should disappear. Receipts, old magazines, broken furniture, and similar items don’t need to be there.

Then you will want to work on cleaning up your daily routine. Many people let their homes and offices fall into a mess because they’re too busy trying to complete other tasks. If something hinders you from enjoying the life that you want, then it also needs to go. 
A lot of these suggestions can be difficult to complete. Often, it is poor habits that lead to clutter and other issues. Small changes in your personal life and how you keep your home can make a world of difference. Similarly, items from brands like Desbio, Unda, and Biron may help to can ensure that you have the energy you need to make it through your day.