How to See the Forest Through the Trees

When you cannot see the forest through the trees, it means that you’re missing the big picture. It’s not unusual for businesses to lose sight of their mission and vision because they’re wrapped up in daily tasks.

Parents experience this issue at home when they focus on their career instead of participating in their children’s lives.

Although some definitions say that this expression is based on a simple-minded perspective, it would be more accurate to call a person who can’t see the forest for the tree lost.

How to Develop Big Picture Thinking

If you think that you’ve lost sight of the forest, the first thing to remember is that you’re not alone. This issue affects people every day.

What your focus needs to be on are the steps to take so that you can see the forest again. Here is what you’ll want to start doing.

1. Identify the habits that limit your options to see the big picture. It helps to stop trying to be perfect! You’ll also want to learn how to delegate and avoid sweating the small stuff whenever possible.

2. Dive into a problem by using a different perspective. Instead of making assumptions, start asking questions to gather information.

3. Step outside of the situation by looking up at the sky. Although you can see some things, there’s an entire universe out there beyond your line of sight. When you remember where you are, it helps push you toward the place you need to be.

4. Start using journals and mind maps to create a user guide for your daily tasks. How do your actions contribute to the long-term results you hope to generate.

5. Schedule time to focus on yourself and your needs. If you sit in silence and let your mind think, you’ll discover that some surprising answers are waiting to be found!

You must consciously think about seeing the forest through the trees to maintain your focus. Trees are important, but you’re looking at the bigger picture.