How to Turn Negative Perceptions into Positive Ones

After surviving everything that 2020 brought our way, it is time to turn 2021 into a year of new hope.

Whether you’ve experienced continued heartache, long-haul COVID symptoms, or unexpected tragedies, negativity surrounds us in numerous ways. If you know how to turn those perceptions into something positive, the world can be a brighter place!

Here are the steps to follow when you feel negativity’s weight weighing heavily on your shoulders.

Steps to Follow to Create Positivity from Negativity

1. Embrace your personal style. Instead of throwing on whatever you can find in a mad dash out the door to work or school, think about expressing yourself to the world. When you take the time to get dressed in the way you prefer, you’ll find more confidence waiting for you subconsciously.

2. Practice kindness and gratefulness each day. That doesn’t mean you need to sport a fake smile wherever you go! If your priority is to treat people in the way they prefer, you’ll find that any negative perceptions you or others have can get turned around almost immediately.

3. Sit in a chair with the correct posture. Although it is tempting to hunch your shoulders, that physical positioning can rob your body of the energy it needs to stay positive. If you don’t feel right, it’s much more challenging to turn unfavorable circumstances into something brighter.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You’ll be surprised by how much people love to share stories. If you ask a few simple questions and listen for follow-up options, you’ll discover that it won’t take long to find positive relationships.

5. Take care of yourself at home. You’ll want to get at least seven hours of sleep each night, eat healthy foods, and get about 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

It also helps to make eye contact with others. If you can see that others are on the same page as you, it’ll help you feel positive in virtually any situation.

Transforming your perceptions of negatives and adjusting your sense of self-worth can change how others perceive you.