How Yoga Works to Improve Body and Mind

Yoga provides people with an opportunity to decompress from a stressful day and get the focus that they need. It encourages movement and strength-building to be in more control of your circumstances.

If you’ve thought about trying yoga before and just never got around to it, here are some of the benefits that come with its regular practice.

What Are the Benefits of Yoga?

1. It improves flexibility and strength.

The slow movements and deep breathing that yoga delivers warm up muscles while increasing blood flow. When you hold a pose, the body resistance builds strength. 

2. Yoga delivers pain relief. 

Yoga delivers basic stretching and poses to improve mobility. It’s especially helpful if you experience lower back pain frequently. Some doctors recommend this practice as a first-line treatment for chronic discomfort. 

3. It helps with arthritis symptoms.

Ongoing movement helps ease swollen and tender joints from arthritis. Yoga provides a gentle way to keep everything moving. 

4. Yoga can help the heart.

Practicing yoga regularly can reduce your ongoing stress. That outcome eliminates the systemic inflammation that cortisol causes, contributing to a healthier heart. Several factors can lead to heart disease, such as excessive weight or high blood pressure, and both are addressed with this practice. 

5. It relaxes muscles to help promote better sleep. 

When people practice a consistent routine that includes yoga, it helps them get into the correct mindset for sleeping. The different movements prepare the body to fall asleep and stay that way. 

You can start yoga at home with a video lesson, on-demand instruction, or trying poses found online. If you have a studio nearby, it can also be fun to explore in-person classes.