Ideas for Celebrating the International Day of Happiness on March 20

The International Day of Happiness is one of the best informal holidays that we can all celebrate together. This unique event started in 2013 as part of the United Nations’ recognition that shifting attitudes about ourselves and our planet required some attention.

We need to think about happiness more often. Have you ever noticed how a smile can make you feel better during a bad day?

Imagine what could happen if you could encourage everyone to experience the transformation every day!

That’s why these ideas are worth pursuing when it is time to celebrate the International Day of Happiness.

1. Attend a Happiness Event

You can find events celebrating this day all over the world. Each community offers a unique perspective to try, ranging from a day of volunteerism to a three-course meal featuring only vegan ingredients.

2. Offer a Hug

You don’t need to travel far to offer a hug to someone. When you share an embrace for at least 20 seconds, your brain releases chemicals that help you relax and feel happier. Although it might feel more comfortable to hug a family member or friend, many people out there could benefit from this embrace.

3. Set Some Goals

What do you think the world needs to become a happier place? Use this day to set some specific goals that you can work toward, including climate action, reduced inequality, or poverty elimination.

4. Give Away What You Don’t Use

It is often better to give than it is to receive. You’re probably doing some spring cleaning each March already. Why not give away the good clothes you aren’t wearing so that someone else can use them?

5. Create Something Happy

You don’t need to be a professional artist to use your creativity to produce more happiness in our world today. If you draw chalk art on the sidewalk, create a new painting, or spend the day pursuing photography opportunities, these small efforts can significantly impact a person’s happiness.

What could someone do today to boost your happiness? Once you have an answer, consider making that outcome your point of emphasis for others in your community on the International Day of Happiness.