Simple Ways to Show Gratitude Each Day

With the events of 2020, it sometimes feels like gratefulness and gratitude took a back seat to survivability for many. If you lost a job, can’t pay your bills, or visited a food bank for the first time in your life, the entire experience might not feel like a joyous moment.

A simple shift of your priorities can flip the script on how you feel. You might have lost a job, but now you are spending more time with your kids. It might be hard to pay your bills, but more people in your community are stepping up to help you make ends meet.

When you visit the food bank, it can be a humbling experience to know that enough people cared to stock this resource so that you won’t go hungry.

Here are some more ways to think about showing gratitude each day.

What Are the Best Ways to Show Gratitude?

1. Support the health of you and the people you love.

Although 2020 was a challenging year, it also helped us to re-examine our priorities. Many people are eating better, getting more exercise, and taking care of themselves. Encouraging that trend by giving the gift of Perque products or items from Health Concerns can continue that process.

2. Try to listen more and talk less.

Active listening is a unique skill that encourages you to see life from another person’s perspective. Instead of trying to jump in to say something “important,” try to ask more questions.

3. Offer detailed examples of appreciation.

We have turned appreciation from a genuine emotion into a standard small talk greeting. “Here you go,” someone might say. “I appreciate it!” you might offer back. Instead of providing mindless words, try to stay mindful at the moment to give a detailed reason why you felt gratitude in a specific moment.

4. Volunteer to do the unpleasant stuff.

When you offer to do the work that others want to avoid, you’re helping them, and you practice more gratitude.

Even if the only thing you can offer is a hug, having a connection with the people around you can help you see how much gratefulness exists in today’s world.