These Are the Most Important Chakras

When you engage with today’s alternative healing circles, a conversation about chakras eventually develops. These seven energy points are responsible for your balance and regularity. If something gets blocked during your daily routine, it can cause a myriad of unwanted signs and symptoms.

Although every chakra is vital to your overall wellbeing, your balance and energy begin when you establish a firm foundation. That’s why the root chakra associated with your spine is an essential one to manage.

Blockages of Your Root Chakra Cause Insecurity and Fear

Most depictions of the root chakra show it as red. When it is open, you’ll feel grounded, secure, and fearless. If you experience a blockage, that’s when insecurity, fear, and depression can manifest themselves.

Although each chakra provides benefits when open and issues when blocked, the root chakra influences all of them. The negative energies that create unwanted symptoms start spreading up your body to your heart and crown, potentially impacting how you connect to your higher power.

If you experience the negative symptoms that come with an imbalance, it is essential to take the time to clear the chakra so that it can provide enlightenment and strength. You can accomplish that outcome by incorporating a meditation routine with a specific focus on the Muladhara.

  1. Start by finding a comfortable position for sitting. It can be your usual meditation posture.
  2. Think about how your pelvic bones become anchored to the earth.
  3. Visualize your root chakra start to spin, even if your energy feels blocked right now. See how the color can get brighter as it starts to move faster.
  4. Imagine that the energy from your chakra starts pulsating, surrounding you for about ten minutes.
  5. Repeat the process once or twice to have a 20- to 30-minute session.

By removing the blockage to your chakra, you can provide strength to every other one to achieve the balance you want.