Ways to Build Self-Confidence

Confidence is a perfume that attracts great things to us, it is often said that confidence can open doors to the greatest of places. Self-confidence is tantamount to good self-esteem. A person that is devoid of confidence would not take chances that could potentially lead to a great life.

Taking chances and maximizing opportunities is one of the unique traits of humans, imagine you didn’t have the self-confidence to pursue your dreams and live your best life, would that not be a form of death? Also, imagine if you could find enjoyable ways to build your self-confidence and be on your way to living your best life, is that not something worth exploring? Well, that is what we are going to do in this article. 

Ways of Building Self Confidence

The recommendations we are going to explore in this article may seem simplistic but they work. Ways of building self-confidence might be as simple as learning an instrument or as tasking as seeing a life coach. 

Learning an Instrument

Rockstars are considered one of the most confident sets of people on the planet.  Learning to play an instrument as classic as a guitar or owning a vintage guitar that you know how to play is a great confidence booster. Learn how to play an instrument today, perform before an audience, and see your self-confidence soar. The process of learning how to play an instrument can calm your anxieties, help increase your cognitive abilities, and help your mood. Learning an instrument can be a complex process that tasks your cognitive process, this tasking can help you build new neural networks that would make you more confident in your ability to do things.

Learning how to play an instrument can make you feel less idle and less like a failure. When you learn an instrument you might be viewed by others as a cool person, think of those people that walk around with their classic vintage guitars, and how people pay them more regard, such positive feedback can help you get out of the doldrums and be more self-confident. Good cheer and applause from a number of people can be very powerful.

Most people that are not self-confident are often crippled with anxiety, this would make them overthink everything and worry needlessly, and this decreases their efficiency and makes them more anxious. This vicious cycle of anxiety can easily be broken by playing an instrument, it makes you calmer, less worried, and more efficient, invariably you would become more self-confident without anxiety holding you back. Furthermore learning how to play an instrument teaches you alternative ways of expressing yourself and expression helps build self-confidence.


Writers are thinkers that express themselves and face their thoughts. Engaging in writing whether creative or otherwise can be a great way to face the issues preventing you from being as self-confident as you could be. Write out the things that hold you back from being your most self-confident self and seek to find remedies to them, if you do this, you would be on your way to building your self-confidence.


Being self-conscious is being aware of yourself,  this is practically the first step you can take toward being a better version of yourself. Meditate, look into yourself to find yourself, when you do that you would discover who you are and the weaknesses you have. After identifying your weaknesses you can meditate more to find the root of those weaknesses. After discovering all of this you would be in a position to help mend yourself mentally and it would reflect through you as you become a more self-confident, self-aware individual.

Self-confidence is not impossible to have, try the ways explained above and see yourself improve.