Ways to Make Cooking with Your Significant Other More Fun

If you both are into it cooking with your partner is a good way to get to know yourselves. Cooking together can be one of the most romantic things to do. It helps you to know your similarities, compatibility, and how good you both are at working together. It can be a good way to improve your relationship and overall it can be fun.

When done right it will help you both strengthen your team spirit. Even though cooking together might be fun it’s possible to mess it up and make it totally boring. Now you might be wondering what to do to make cooking together fun and how to do it. Fear not here are 3 ways which can help you and your partner have fun while cooking together.

1 . Planning what to make together

  This step is really important as it has the power to screw up your cooking experience if done wrong. It is important that both you and your partner plan out the food you both want to prepare. Cooking is not just a way of producing tasty flavors and showing off your culinary skills, it also a way of sharing your culture, experiences, and history with other people.

Food, in general, can have a very deep connection to what makes a person so planning what to make together is very helpful. This step takes a lot of patience and calm-headedness as you both might have some disagreement on how to prepare certain things. If done right it can make your cooking experience with your partner very fun and smooth.

2 . Playing music

A bit of silence can be romantic at times but music has a better effect. You and your partner can enjoy singing along while cooking. Now the question is what form of music and what track or song should you play. This is where we go back to the issue of what you both like, play a song that is lively and one that you both like will make your experience fun. If you both are into vinyl then great because vinyl has a way of injecting a certain feeling into the atmosphere.Now you just have to decide which record to play, getting a vinyl subscription can help you browse through collections faster and discover new tunes.

The “Discover Weekly” feature on Spotify is another great way to find new tunes and playlists to enjoy while cooking. This way you can find what you both like in no time. Music has a certain way of making everything you do fun not just cooking alone that is if you can find the right track for it.

3. Keep a calm and open mind

This is the last step on this list and it’s also the most important thing to do. Remember that you are both different people and you come from different places and cultural backgrounds. Your partner might have a different way of preparing a certain meal so an open mind will not only help your relationship but can also help you learn a new way of viewing things.

Another thing to consider in this step is your likes and dislikes as you might as your partner may not like doing certain thing e.g cutting onions or garlic. Your partner might also be slow in some areas it helps your experience if you slow down to accommodate your partner’s flaws. This way you both have fun and enjoy cooking

Now that you are done with all the steps I’m sure you and your partner had a fun time cooking together. The last thing to do now is to eat the delicious meal you both prepared.