What Is Kundalini Meditation and Are You Ready for It?

Most yoga sessions are meant to be relaxing. Although you might work on strength and flexibility, the time you spend at the studio is hardly something you’d consider to be dangerous.

If you start practicing Kundalini meditation, you’re stepping into an entirely different situation. It’s meant to move energy through the body in specific ways. The ancient texts tell us that when it is done properly, the individual can defeat illness – and even death.

When you don’t take the correct steps with your practice, the energy might get released in unintended ways.

How Does Kundalini Meditation Work?

It’s better to start small if you’re thinking about adopting Kundalini meditation practices. If you pick a manageable time commitment and avoid trying to do much too soon, you’ll find the technique could be helpful.

1. Choose your location.

You can perform Kundalini meditation anywhere. The goal is to find a quiet spot with a comfortable temperature where someone won’t be bothering you.

2. Decide on what to wear.

It’s usually better to wear something loose and comfortable when practicing this yoga style. Some people like to have lighter colors on to enhance their feelings of connection and lightness.

3. Get into the position.

You can sit in a chair with the weight on your feet or cross-legged on the floor with Kundalini meditation. Sit comfortably in an upright position, keeping your spine straight. It helps to close your eyes gently until they’re only about 10% open.

4. Select a mantra.

As you breathe, chant a specific mantra that helps to keep you focused. Many instructors recommend saying “sat nam,” which says, “truth is my identity.” You can say the first word while breathing in and the second while breathing out.

Continue focusing on your breath as it moves throughout the time you dedicate to the meditation. Even if you can only spend five minutes with this practice, you’ll find that it can help!