Why Does Self-Discipline Often Lead to Happiness?

Let’s talk about your morning routine for a moment.

After you get out of bed, you might make a quick bathroom run before grabbing some breakfast. Do you get a bowl of cereal, or is it a full meal with eggs, bacon, and toast?

Do you settle for taking items from Quality of Life or Standard Process to get you to lunch?

When you brush your teeth after, is it for the full two minutes.

Once you get in your vehicle for the commute, how fast do you drive? Are you close to the speed limit each time, or does riding with you feel like you’re on an IndyCar street track?

If you stay within the structures that keep you disciplined, happiness grows. This joy comes from the contentment that develops when you’re within the guidelines of an established routine. 

What Are the Benefits of a Daily Routine?

A daily routine’s health benefits are crucial to review, especially if you are at a place in life where disruptions frequently occur.

One of the most significant challenges of 2020 has been to adapt to new circumstances. It can be a struggle for some people, leading them to a place where mental health and wellness are more challenging to find.

When you take your vitamins and supplements, that’s one step toward a healthy outcome. It feels good to get those items in your body, but you’ll feel better when you can add your usual breakfast into the mix!

Routines provide us with stress relief. When you have more time to relax, less anxiety comes along to threaten how you feel.

If you experience less anxiety, you’re more likely to have better sleep patterns. When you get 7-9 hours of rest each night (or the amount your body requires), you’re more likely to be healthy.
Everyone is unique, which means each routine requires individualization to be successful. That’s why self-discipline is such a critical component of this process. When you can stay disciplined with your choices, the results will help happiness grow.